Chiropractic Specific

ChiroConcepts understands the importance of specificity for each patient. Our treatment protocols go well beyond the standard chiropractic clinic. Incorporating a medical doctor and having our clinic doctors specialize in multiple categories sets us apart but more importantly addresses your health care needs, your quality of life, and your overall goals.

As chiropractors, our main focus is to allow the nervous system and our body’s own ability to heal itself. The chiropractors at ChiroConcepts go well beyond the ‘quick fix’ mentality and concentrate more on the root cause of the problem and focus on long term results.

Adjunctive Therapies
Tools used by your clinic doctors to assist in the proper treatment in areas of concern and injury.

Intersegmental Traction
Most patients will be able to experience inter-segmental traction. This has been a wonderful addition to our treatment protocol. Intersegmental traction allows the patient to relax the entire body while allowing the table to increase blow flow and reverse the effects of gravity on our spine and intervertebral discs.

Cervical Traction
One of the most important aspects of measuring the health of the human spine is proper curvatures throughout the spine. The cervical curve is necessary to maintain proper posture and an overall decrease in soft tissue tightness in the mid-back, shoulders, and neck.

Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS)
EMS is another passive therapy utilized by ChiroConcepts to increase blood circulation, relax muscle spasm, and increasing range of motion to areas of concern and injury.

Trigger Point Massage
Voted as the best soft tissue therapy performed in our clinics by patients. Your clinic assistants will apply slight pressure with a vibrating pad to help decrease physical and mental stress while at the same time decreasing muscle spasm and increasing blood flow to areas of concern and injury.