Your First Visit

Our highly professional staff includes amazing and caring doctors offering an educating and comfortable environment. See what your first visit will entail.

Step 1: Welcome to the Clinic
At your arrival to ChiroConcepts, you will be greeted by your clinic assistant and your clinic doctor. They will ask you to fill out a health history form and instruct you to be as detailed as possible. Medical history, surgeries, pain indications, reason for visit, medications, past injuries and other physical conditions which are necessary and important for the best care. During this time your clinic assistant will request insurance information to start a detailed analysis of your benefits and coverage.

 We value your time, trying to get you in and out as fast as possible but providing the best and most attentive care. Please plan for 45-to-75 minutes for your first visit. Go online prior to your arrival and fill out our paperwork. This will save you time during your first visit. Don’t have insurance, that’s ok. Many of our patients take advantage of our affordable individual and family ‘cash plans’.


Step 2: Detailed Exam
Once you have finished your patient intake forms, your clinic assistant will guide you through a clinic tour allowing you to be comfortable with the layout of your new clinic. After finishing your tour you will be escorted to the exam room at which time appropriate analysis of your range of motion, strength tests, relationship between the soft tissue and the nervous system, along with appropriate neurological and orthopedic tests dependent on your specific needs and goals. Once the appropriate tests have been performed your clinic doctor will review the results with you and if medically necessary, take x-rays. After the necessary x-rays, you will receive complimentary soft tissue work that will let you experience first hand some of our tools dedicated to improving your health. At the end of your first visit we will schedule a Report of Findings which is dedicated to informing you about the results.

Communication is a vital part of success for proper treatment and knowledge of your condition. Software and training used during your detailed exam is state of the art and incorporated to provide you the best care possible.


Step 3: Report of Findings
After the competition of your first visit your clinic doctor will review all of the information and images gathered. During this time your clinic doctor will determine your health status and determine the appropriate treatment and duration of that treatment. This second visit will educate you and allow you to see first hand our results. Your clinic doctor will spend as much time as necessary to answer all of your questions and concerns.

Along with treatment recommendations your clinic doctor will review your insurance coverage and benefits. No insurance, we have affordable cash plans that many patients use for themselves and their families. Once you have been educated about your course of treatment and benefits and coverage, your treatment will begin.

Treatment plans are customized for each specific patient. Education, time, and a step by step process are incorporated to make you feel comfortable and confident in your decision to entrust ChiroConcepts with your health.


Dedicated to You
We look forward to being the team you turn to for you and your family’s health care needs. With our inception, ChiroConcepts looks to lead the field in innovative and turn key health care approaches.

Many patients look to our knowledge and expertise with supplement and nutrition recommendations. During your visit check out our top 5 supplement recommendations everyone needs to be using.

Alternatively, pick up the phone and call us at (972) 369-1471.

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