Suffering From Foot Pain? Let ChiroConcepts Evaluate Your Walking Pattern.

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Article: Suffering From Foot Pain? Let ChiroConcepts Evaluate Your Walking Pattern.

Location: Chiropractor McKinney, TX – McKinney Green Building

By: Dr. Tyler Rottinghaus D.C., a McKinney Chiropractor and Co-Owner of ChiroConcepts of McKinney

ChiroConcepts of McKinney: North Dallas’ leading clinic for extremity, athletic injury, back pain, and radiating pain.



ChiroConcepts uses years of experience as well as a new state of the art gait evaluating system to help individuals overcome their foot complaints.  The  Footmaxx Gait Evaluation System will allow our patients to obtain custom fit orthotics, evaluate walking/gait patterns, evaluate weight distribution, and much more. This will aid us in helping our patients function at their optimal level. One of our main goals that we strive for each and every patient is to help them regain and maintain the highest quality of life possible. Exercise, running, work related duties, playing with your children, or even just going for a relaxing walk are examples of what most consider very important. Our feet play a major role in all of our daily activities, the latest technology to evaluate feet is in our office and will help our Doctors make sure you have the best support.

The Footmaxx system, which has been used to make orthotics for the Dallas Cowboys, uses new, state of the art technology to evaluate a person’s weight distribution while standing still as well as walking. The system then creates a visual display of each individual’s results which can be compared to the ideal pattern.

The results will aid the doctors in not only obtaining a proper diagnosis but also allow us to monitor the progress of the treatments we provide. The system will also allow patients to acquire custom fit orthotics.

Come see us today and let us be a part of your healthcare team.

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