What Sets Us Apart

ChiroConcepts has been developed to offer a unique environment that most patients have never experienced. One of the most unique ways is to create a multi disciplinary approach. This is not only evident by the soft tissue therapies and nutritional support that we offer, but we have incorporated a medical doctor that our patients can utilize. Our medical doctors are trained to look at each patient with a different philosophy but similar goals as our chiropractors. All of our doctors whether chiropractic or medical, are focused on your health and experience during your time in our clinic.

From the first time you step into the office you will get a sense of how we differ compared to other chiropractors and health care professionals. One of the main reasons is the way the office is setup. ChiroConcepts utilizes both closed and open room treatment options. The open room treatment allows for patients and doctors to maximize education, time, and to develop a sense of community within the practice itself. The closed rooms are used for specialized testing, soft tissue therapies, and if a personal situation occurs that needs one on one attention with a staff member or one of our doctors.

One of the true tests that a business can be measured is by the amount of time and energy they give back to the community. ChiroConcepts focuses on putting time and energy into groups and events that give back to our educational faculty, police and fire forces, and military personnel and their families. From day one we have collected food items that we donate back to local food pantries. Toys for Tots, is a fun way our clinic participates in the community during the holidays. Our goal is to be viewed not only by how many patients we have helped regain and improve their quality of life, but how we can give back